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Desi Immunity

Exit Interview with Desi Williams



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  • FormerMissSmith

    I just listened to your exit interview with Desi and the recap. I think what you are missing with Chrissy is her social game and how she comes off to the others. You are correct that she is playing hard (and absolutely nothing wrong with that) and playing similar to Ryan. The difference seem to be Ryan is not completely shutting out those not in his alliance as both Jessica and Desi said Chrissy did. They both said they tried to talk to her and she just shut them down. Why not at least chit chat with them?? Did Ryan craft some elaborate story about the love ones visit as Ali said Chrissy did with her. I think that seems to be where the rub is. Personally from the 1st episode something about her did not sit right with me and after the Roark boot I got it (“I’m out smarting Miss Smarty Pants”, not necessary, especially since you are the one who labeled her) and after Jessica’s exit interview it was confirmed. Chrissy is correctly voting out strong threats, who happen to be women, BUT how she is going about it is rubbing them the wrong way. Even the way she presents herself at trial is not showing any humility. That’s hard to get behind.

    • I tend to agree with you. Adam is a stronger TEAM Chrissy person, I even mentioned that someone like Max Dawson had pointed out that it really is telling when you have 4 people in a row say the exact same thing about a person. I think we are being set up for an inevitable losing finalist in Chrissy.