Guest Recap Survivor US Survivor Podcast

AK Knight recaps Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Finale and Season Reaction Podcast

Reaction Podcast with AK Knight to Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers finale




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Listen to our DEEP DIVE with AK Knight about his Australian Survivor experience.20614305_1381365618626506_1990405645_n



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  • Thai

    Hi Mr Van Den Brink its Thai NG from your class
    You never told me about this?’

    • Hello Thai! It’s just a blog that I developed after leaving teaching full time. Prefer it does not get spread around school. 👍🏻👍🏻 Enjoy the last 2 weeks of holidays

      • Thai

        Wait your leaving teaching😱😭
        Sooooo…… your never meeting me and my friends again?
        (Sure i will keep it a secret) 😶🤞🏻

      • No I’m not leaving teaching, but I’ll know what school i’ll be at at the end of the week. Also not a secret and no i’m not playing Survivor! But I will be doing some media work around the show.

      • Thai

        Ok good luck!
        Soo are u part of the show?
        Do you know the Johnathon?
        Sorry if im asking too many question🙄🤓😶😧🤤

      • Not part of the show Thai, just connected through the people who make the show. I’ve met Jonathan, he is very nice.

  • Thai


  • Thai

    And also r u doing australian survivor 2018?!