White House Press Secretary Mistakenly Mentions Obama

In a viral videotape, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre accidentally appertained to President Joe Biden as” President Obama” while addressing a presser on Biden’s designee for the World Bank chairman. She was on live television when the slip- of- lingo moment passed. She said,” So moment, as you all saw just an hour or so agone
, President Obama blazoned that – Pardon me, President Biden!” This led to shocked responses from the journalists present at the presser.

Jean- Pierre was also surprised at her accidental reference to President Obama and took a moment to collect her studies and carry on with the presser.” Whoa! Ahem, that’s news. I know, we ’re going back not on. We ’ve got ta go on,” she said.

White House press clerk Karine Jean- Pierre accidently appertained US President Joe Biden as “ President Obama. ”!#US#JeanPierre#President#JoeBiden#PresidentObama#viral#trendingpic.twitter.com/sFPqxeWaSQ — The Asian Affairs(@TheAsianAffairs) February 24, 2023

She also blazoned “ President Biden’s ” designee Ajay Banga to lead the World Bank. White House Press Secretary said, “ The US nominated Ajay Banga to be chairman of the World Bank. President Biden himself said he’s uniquely equipped to lead the world bank, he’s a famed business superintendent that has managed companies bringing jobs and investment to developing husbandry.

“ He( Ajay Banga) has a proven track record of creating public-private hookups. Raised in India he has a unique perspective on openings and challenges facing developing countries & how World Bank can deliver on its docket for substance and reduce poverty, ” she added.

“ Ajay is uniquely equipped to lead the World Bank at this critical moment in history. He has spent further than three decades erecting and managing successful, global companies that produce jobs and bring investment to developing husbandry, and guiding associations through ages of abecedarian change. He has a proven track record managing people and systems and partnering with global leaders around the world to deliver results, ” read Biden’s statement.

Banga, a business leader with expansive experience leading successful associations in developing countries and forging public-private hookups to address fiscal addition and climate change, is to be President of the World Bank.

“ He also has critical experience marshaling public-private coffers to attack the most critical challenges of our time, including climate change. Raised in India, Ajay has a unique perspective on the openings and challenges facing developing countries and how the World Bank can deliver on its ambitious docket to reduce poverty and expand substance, ” read the statement.

The decision comes after World Bank’s President David Malpass said he’ll step down nearly a time beforehand from his position. Malpass ’ exit comes months after calls grew for him to step down after he declined to admit the scientific agreement that fossil energies were warming the earth.

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