Montana Man’s Pivotal Plea Deal in Presidential Threat Case

Montana resident in court agreeing to plea deal for threatening President Biden and a US senator
Plea Bargain Reached: A Montana Man Faces Court for Threatening High Officials

In a recent development, Anthony James Cross, a 30-year-old resident of Montana, who was accused of making threats against President Joe Biden and Democratic Senator Jon Tester, has agreed to a plea bargain, according to court records filed on Monday. This significant legal development comes amid growing concerns about threats of violence against elected and public officials across the nation.

The Plea Bargain Details

As per the court document, Anthony James Cross will plead guilty to charges related to threats to injure and murder a United States senator. Notably, this plea agreement involves dropping the charge of making a threat against the president.

While the redacted indictment filed in federal court back in September does not specify the nature of the threat made against Senator Tester, it does mention that Cross stated, “I will personally kill Joe Biden.” The exact motive behind these threats remains unclear at this time.

Legal Proceedings

A crucial detail to note is that a hearing date for the formal acceptance of the plea deal has not been scheduled yet. Anthony James Cross currently remains incarcerated without bond, as confirmed by the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office. If convicted, Cross could face a maximum sentence of up to ten years in prison. However, as part of the plea agreement, prosecutors have indicated their intention to recommend a lesser sentence.

Reactions and Comments

CNN has reached out to Senator Tester’s office and Cross’s public defender, Gillian Gosch, for comments or statements regarding this ongoing legal matter. At the time of writing, there has been no response from either party.

This incident adds to the growing concerns surrounding threats of violence against elected officials and public servants. In recent times, there have been disturbing calls for violence against lawmakers, both online and offline, which have raised serious questions about the safety of these officials and their families.

In a significant legal development, Montana resident Anthony James Cross has agreed to a plea bargain in a case involving threats made against President Joe Biden and Senator Jon Tester. While the exact nature of the threat against Senator Tester remains undisclosed, Cross’s statement about harming President Biden led to his arrest. This case highlights the ongoing concerns about the safety of elected officials and the need for vigilance against threats of violence in the political landscape.

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